8 Best Shopify Apps for Product Customization

Shopify apps for product customization
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Nowadays, customers not only buy ready products but also want to own products with their own stamps. That's when your website should have product customization options.

With these options, customers are able to personalize your products the way they like. The products normally are clothes, t-shirts, packages, shoes, mugs, stickers, phone cases, business cards, banners, etc. Then you should check out our Shopify app list below which are specially developed for customzing products. They all comes with a lot of great and useful features such as unlimited customization options, bunk actions, multi-language support, conditional logic, responsive design. Thus, do not hesitate anymore. Go ahead and satisfy your customers to spread your business!

Product Options by Bold

With over 1,000 reviews, Product Options by Bold is the most review, most popular and most loved app for creating and applying customization options to any product of your Shopify theme. It allows you to add an unlimited amount of customizing options such as drop-downs, text entries, calendar dates, file uploads, checkboxes, radio button, pictures, files or heck to a product or a group, a collection, even thousand items.

The premium version includes real-time price adjustments, conditional logic to show or hide options based on user's selections, editable option in cart. It’s a powerful app and a must-have for merchants with highly detailed product offerings.

Price: $19.99
Review: 4.6/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Product Customizer

As its name, this app lets your clients personalize all of their product items. With this Product Customizer, it is very simple to add text, images, dropdowns, check boxes, radio buttons and file uploads. Plus, the app allows you to combine Shopify variants, use bulk actions to manage large amounts of products, search and filter items, create option templates, add descriptions and placeholders, set character limits on text fields, conditionally hide or show options based on your own rules and more.

It doesn't have a delayed load on your product page, which will improve customer experience. With an user friendly and simple interface, the app does a great job with endless options and logic you can use.

Review: 4.8/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Customify - Product Customizer

Customify is a great Shopify app that helps you to customize your products with ease. It is crafted for T-Shirts, Clothes, Phone Cases, Pillows, Business Cards, Cups and Bottles, or any other product that customers want to personalize. They will satisfy with the ability to add a variety of design options to the product. They can add text, choose the font, color and lots more simply.

Customify also includes a translation tool in case customers want to translate text into their languages. Instagram and Facebook integration brings the most convenient ever when they can connect and upload the photos they want. Especially, you can convert your single product image to layered images with the mask editable area

Review: 4.7/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Qstomizer - Products Customizations

Qstomizer Shopify app is suitable for any shop that sells shirts, phone cases, business cards, stickers, banners, mugs, etc, that customers can make their own designs. This app enables them to add text, images, cliparts, etc that fit his requirements. It also includes support for multiple languages, automatic language detection and a translation tool, so customers can add any language they prefer.

The great feature is that this app offers some automatic filters to the images uploaded by your customers. They can freely modify their photos to suit their liking. In terms of administrators, they can add their own custom pricing policies. The price can be charged per text char printed, image, etc.

Review: 4.8/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Product Builder


Product Builder is an advanced tool for users to totally build their own custom products. It can be applied for stores selling clothes, headbands, packages, ladders, guitars, trophies, fishing rods, and more. Conditional logic options are included and it can be applied to entire steps, or even just the options within the step.

With Product Builder, customers can customize everything like colors, fonts, text, backgrounds, etc., or even more if they have a good command of CSS. The cool extra is that besides standard 2D images, you can create a 3D effect with the help of awesome photographers for a very reasonable price.

Inkybay - Product Customizer

Inkybay is a powerful product design tool that allows your customers to create their own products including clothes, mugs, stickers, shoes, mobile cases, business card and more. From admin panel, you can manage everything like custom products, fonts, printing method, pricing, order, etc.

From customer's view, they can add and customize anything with ease on a legible interface. They can add text with favorite font, color and size, graphic, upload image and files, etc until they find satisfied. The app is super easy to install, no manual action is required. Inkybay is built with HTML5 and advanced JS technology which supports any device and all modern browsers

Review: 4.9/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Custom Product Options by W3

Custom Product Options by W3 is a Shopify app which comes with an limitless number of options and fields added to your products. The fields can be easily shown or hidden using conditional logic. And every extra custom request can be charged.

With this app, customers can add their own images and text with color picker offering unlimited color option. Besides, it also supports for checkboxes, file uploaders, and dropdowns. You can apply changes to bulk products instantly. Plus, it offers a drag and drop editor which is used to create customization options quickly without any hassle

Review: 4.8/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Product Personalizer

This Shopify app is another ideal solution any shop that provides custom product design including pillows, frames, t-shirts, wallets, jewelry, package, bag, shoes, watch or anything. Product Personalizer lets people create options for the products with the ability to see the changes instantly.

It supports all amazing features such as conditional logic, bulk actions, extra charge for custom options, translate tool for text, etc. Customers will find easy to add text, upload the images they want to appear on your items. Then they can freely customize the appearance with color, fonts any many more

Review: 4.8/5 (rating from shopify app store)

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