About us

After two decades, we have consulted creative solutions to more than 8000 clients, from entrepreneurs to SME & corporations

Our expertises cover from strategy to visual arts, technology and communication. Among our team of elites, we value individuals who are evangelists in their own field - because professional creativity requires both adamant discipline and an attitude of adventure. Our creed is human centric design philosophy, the more we understand our clients and our client’s customers, the better our solution becomes.

We want to demonstrate that just a little touch of beauty can transform everything in a profound way. Our purpose is to take care of each client with utmost respect and understanding, because that’s the least a decent human must do. We hope our contribution to your business would create an unprecedented opportunity. At the end of the day, a smile is all that everyone needs.

We empower brands to win the hearts of customers

Through creativity, innovation, and unwavering customer focus, we strive to create a future where every online interaction is a source of inspiration, delight, and lasting connection. The future of eCommerce is limitless, and we're here to shape it with purpose and vision.
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In this age of hyper-competition, the future of eCommerce is all about fostering authentic relationships with customers
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Our value


To truly understand something, one would need to be blessed with the super power of empathy. This core value is demonstrated in our way of conducting business, to how we do marketi research and our recruiting strategy.
Our value


To strategize better solutions that surpass existing one requires one to have a an unrelenting spirit of innovation. Espeially in the field of e-Commerce, where innovation is the lifeblood of progress.
Our value


This is the reason why we began. It's also the reason why we gonna keep pushing no matter what challenges we may face.
Our capabilities

Xotiny provides 360 solution from premium website themes to market research, innovation strategy, brand identity design, brand development strategy, brand maintenance...

We empower business owners in the decision making process with our 15 years of experience and achievements in digital brand experience design
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Our team consists of more than 50 designers and software engineers, always ready to actualize your ground breaking ideas
We accompany your business for years to keep your brand stay relevant and captivating to the market