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The benefits of opening an online store with Shopify are attracting more and more entrepreneurs today. It can be challenging to select one Shopify development solution that meets your company's needs when there are so many options accessible.

Apolomultimedia.com, a certified Shopify Expert based in the US, is an example of this. About one hundred 5-star reviews from their clients demonstrate the high caliber of their work on the numerous app development and customization tasks they have completed.

Business owners can create their online store's strategy better by developing Shopify apps. We at Xotiny understand that and Shopify App Development is one of the most popular service we offer to our customers as well. To make you understand more of the process behind Shopify app development and customization, we have created this blog post.

Read on to find out more!

What is Shopify app development and customization?

To start using Shopify, you must pay a monthly subscription fee. You are then provided an easily customizable theme. Also, you get easy-to-use eCommerce basics bundled into a tidy, unified dashboard for running and managing your online store.

Yet ultimately, Shopify's fundamental characteristics are just that—fundamental. Hence you need Shopify applications' help if you want to grow your online business.

That explains why the development of Shopify apps is a lucrative profession and why the Shopify App Store has room for over 8,000 apps with every function imaginable.

But even with that, Shopify Plus stores may even require more sophisticated apps, catered to unique needs of an eCommerce enterprise company. That's why we have different types of Shopify apps that we can develop.

How many types of Shopify apps are there?

Public apps, custom apps, and draft applications are the there different categories of Shopify apps that you should know about.

  • Public apps: When you go to the Shopify App Store, you see the apps that are listed publicly, and on the other hand, you have apps that are unlisted. You can locate and install the listed apps in the search result. Additionally, as long as you have the app listing URL, you may still install unlisted applications even though they don't show up in search results or app categories.
  • Custom apps: You can download these apps by clicking on the install link provided by the app developers. These apps are created specifically to meet the needs and requirements of your Shopify store, often being a high-grossing store that has more unique needs.
  • Draft apps: Apps that are considered "draft" can only be used for testing purposes and installed on development stores.
  • Back in the day, there were even private apps, which you have to give developers open API access to your Shopify admin. But this type of app has been unspported since January 2022.

Why should you build custom Shopify apps?

The following benefits are available to merchants that cannot find an app in the Shopify App Store that offers the functionality they require:

  • Greater control: With a bespoke app, you have total control over the app's functionality, unlike public apps that contain features made to benefit the general public.
  • Better website performance: You won't have to add a ton of extra features that would slow down your store's performance owing to code conflicts, draft code, etc. because your app will already have all the functionality you require.
  • More satisfying experience for your clients: Your store and the consumer journey are the foundation of a personalized app. So, it will assist you in providing your target with a more seamless on-site experience for better conversion.

Where to find services for Shopify app development?

You'll find 5 solid solutions from top Shopify development companies on our shortlist.


One of the best Shopify development companies is Brainvire. They are able to assist customers in determining what they need from a business and how to go about building it so that it meets or even surpasses those needs thanks to their knowledgeable and experienced Shopify specialists and developers.

Among Brainvire's Shopify development services are:

  • Bespoke Shopify eCommerce development: Branvire can assist you with your high scalability requirements by delivering real-time resources. Branvire has completed several projects with short deadlines across the globe.
  • With their amazing website designs, Shopify will help you increase your conversion rates.
  • Development and customisation of Shopify themes: They can create themes from scratch or alter current themes to perform any task that the user requests.


Since Litos has been creating apps for Shopify shops since the beginning, they are able to create an app that contains practically every pre-built feature and integration you require.

Litos app developers will create you an all-in-one application based on your specific request:

  • Features related to orders and shipping, such as order tracking and automatic fulfillment.
  • characteristics that increase sales, including product bundles, quantity discounts, free gifts with purchases, etc.
  • Use a profit tracking tool to keep a careful eye on your gains and losses.


The greatest Shopify development services are provided by Amasty, who has 12 years of experience. They offer solutions that are intended to encourage business expansion and boost revenue. They thoroughly assess your company and its needs before beginning any website construction. For the best Shopify development services, their strategy focuses on conversions, responsive design, and SEO-optimized stores.

Amasty's Shopify development services include:

  • Magento to Shopify migration: With our assistance, moving your Magento store to Shopify is simple, affordable, and bug-free.
  • Development and customisation of Shopify themes: a fantastic storefront design that is responsive for your Shopify store.
  • Custom import service on Shopify Data loss-free import of third-party system into Shopify.


With over 25 years of expertise, Damcogroup has established a solid reputation as one of the top Shopify Development Services. They work with 24+ sectors and offer a range of design, development, and marketing services for all kinds of companies. They will assist you in quickly developing effective yet responsive online storefronts. You can select the dependable professionals at Damcogroup to ensure that your company stands out from the competition.

Damcogroup's Shopify development services include:

  • Make the most of your company objectives with a quick installation and configuration of a Shopify store.
  • Shopify theme development: With the help of skilled UI/UX developers, transform the appearance and functionality of your Shopify store to deliver an unrivaled user experience.
  • Shopify design solution: Make your Shopify store available to everyone with a dependable, expertly made mobile app that works flawlessly on all devices.


Xotiny has over 10+ years of experience in both the eCommerce industry and designing services. We have worked with the biggest names in the market, while providing services for app development, website design, and brand strategies. You will meet the best experts to help you with whatever needs you have.

Our services include:

  • Shopify app development service. Make your users' experiences better with our top-notch Shopify websites and apps.
  • Integration of Shopify: Increasing the features and functionality of your Shopify Store by integrating a payment gateway, a shopping cart API, and additional plugins.
  • Shopify migration service: Easily switch from any other eCommerce platform to Shopify at a reasonable cost.
  • Website creation with Shopify: Create a website from the bottom up to support your business objectives.
  • Shopify SEO: They will take care of optimizing your Shopify website for search engines as they create it.

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