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Top Shopify themes for service stores in 2023 (free & paid)

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So, you are in the service business and want to sell your services online? This is the blog post to check out the best Shopify themes for service stores that you can use. Whether you’re establishing an online business or increasing your online presence, Shopify is an amazing platform to help you sell services online.

Modules - Shopify theme for rental business

shopify themes for service business

Modules is a paid Shopify theme that you can use for your service store, which allows deep customization and scalability. This theme is great if you are offering items or service for rental, and you can use large images to support visual of your brand and use many marketing and conversion features. Also, with mega menu and enhanced search, customers can easily find the product or service they want to purchase.

Price: $200

Publisher - Shopify theme for artists

publisher shopify theme for service

Publisher is a Shopify theme for service business with modern design, using modern typeface and immersive product cards with dark product pictures are accompanied by subtle gradients. It has a minimalist navigation to prioritize your brand's story, and provide relevant links to other goods and categories on the website. There are also advanced customization options. Without touching any code, you may accomplish your ideal vision with flexible design and customization choices.

Price: Free

Showcase - Shopify theme for barber, hairstylist

Showcase Shopify theme for service business

Use drag-and-drop sections on every page with Showcase - a paid Shopify theme that is perfect for barber and hairstylist. There are 20 categories total, including Popup, Testimonials, an Image/Video Gallery, and many others. Contains everything you require! Performance, adaptable sections, conversion-focused promotional tools, advanced product filtering, and more. With the silky smooth animations and flawless video integration of Showcase, you can create a high-end, polished buying experience.

When you install XO Booking services, you can turn this theme into a service store that can recieve appointments and manage customers' bookings. By doing that, you can optimize the number of customers you take in a day.

Price: $300
Review: 4.7/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Studio - Shopify theme for exhibition

Shopify studio theme for service business

Use beautiful typography and vibrant accents to frame your curation of products and collections. Customers can view featured collections for galleries and new arrivals, creator filters, collection-based navigation, and artist profiles. Flexible design and customization choices that allow you to alter your experience to reflect your brand vision. This is why the Studio theme - a paid Shopify theme for service makes a perfect choice for art exhibition, art service, art classes, etc.

Price: Free
Review: 3.0/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Sense - Shopify theme for spa business

sense shopify theme for service business

Sense is a free Shopify theme that is great for a spa service business. A vibrant color scheme and gentle gradients paired with curved features that kindly lead customers around your business will enliven your brand. Build client trust by providing detailed product descriptions, videos, and testimonials. Without touching any code, you may accomplish your ideal vision with flexible design and customization choices of this free theme.

Price: Free
Review: 2.6/5 (rating from shopify app store)
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