Why is customer service important to ecommerce? And 7 best practices

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Nowadays, you can purchase everything online using any device. Businesses have more touch points with your customers more than ever, making the buying journey as short as a few easy taps on the mobile.

But, we soon come to realize another thing: easy buying doesn’t mean people will buy from you. If you can’t provide necessary support for buyers, they will quickly turn to the competitors - who can be just a bit more helpful.

In this post, we will go over all the reasons customer service is essential to your eCommerce business, and how you can act on them.

Why should you invest in customer service?

One of the few ways to truly stand out in an already crowded online retail business is to provide an excellent client experience. Customers who do not receive the service they desire can just go to another store.

It's all about quickness when it comes to ecommerce customer service. When a consumer has a problem with your product or service, your company must be able to step in and assist them. To do so, the customer will require three items:

  • They need to know where they can get help from your company.

  • The support must be quick and effective.

  • It must be a nice experience.

What makes customer service important to your ecommerce store?

Customer service is critical to your company's success because it keeps customers happy and allows you to extract more value from them. Businesses can recover client acquisition expenses and create a loyal following by offering excellent customer service.

Here are some benefits of ecommerce customer service to convince you:

You can acquire more customers

There are numerous options available while purchasing online. This can quickly become daunting, especially if the product or service in question is complex and takes multiple touches to complete.

Ecommerce customer service enables your company to deliver prompt, thorough help to leads from the start of the engagement. By establishing a support system from the beginning, you boost your chances of catching those clients.

You can have a higher retention

Maintaining customer loyalty requires a quick and efficient customer support service. Offering the appropriate way of assistance ensures that the client's experience stays positive, regardless of the challenges they may encounter throughout their customer journey.

Because one poor interaction — whether it means waiting too long for an answer or resolution, meeting too many obstacles along the process, or dealing with an unfriendly agent — can be enough to drive a valuable customer away for good.

You can listen to your customer better

When it comes to customer service, ecommerce support services products like automations, software management systems, and integrations save a lot of time. And the time saved by allowing software tools to structure your procedures can be used to provide even more personalized and attentive support service.

How to set up your ecommerce customer service?

While ecommerce stores can simply set up a messenger tool to support their customers when necessary, you should base your services on data to gain the best results. Here are some tips that you can follow to offer the best customer service for your customers.

1. Offer multi channel support

Each channel has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Retailers will be able to take full advantage of each channel if they measure how customers utilize it. They may prefer direct service via chat or a chatbot, but social media may be a superior medium for communication (such as new offerings or sales).

2. Personalize your support

Because everything happens online, from browsing to purchasing to customer service, it's possible to track and measure client behavior. When a consumer contacts customer service, the agent will already have access to the information about the customer, such as purchase history, allowing the person to treat the customer as a valuable individual.

3. Use a good organizational tool

With spreadsheets and emails, there's only so much you can accomplish. Managing your online customer support system will necessitate the use of technology tools that are designed to handle all of the many administrative chores. 

4. Let your customers send feedback

Allowing clients to provide feedback assists in identifying areas of customer dissatisfaction. You can address the problem internally to prevent it from happening again, or you can contact the customer to rectify the problem if that's still a possibility. 

Reviews are also useful social evidence since they show specific examples about when your customer service met expectations.

5. Have templates for responses

The same problems and questions will arise time after time, requiring you to provide the same answers or solutions. However, starting from scratch for each contact wastes time. 

Email and phone script templates allow you to standardize a response to the most common concerns while yet allowing for personalizations to guarantee that the message is tailored to the specific consumer.

6. Provide a knowledge base

A customer knowledge base is similar to a library of information. It's a resource customers can use if they need assistance with your product or service but don't want to call a representative. 

Knowledge bases must be well so that they're easy to find, and the material should be simple enough for any user to understand and implement without needing assistance.

7. Automate when possible

Automations save your staff a lot of time and effort, allowing them to focus on the tasks that are most important to them. Examine your workflow and identify any tasks that are taking up too much of your time. 

Many administrative tasks may easily be automated with the correct software, saving your team a lot of time in the long run.

Final words

Customer retention and success would be impossible without excellent customer service. You'll attract new consumers, reduce customer churn, and improve your brand's reputation and image by providing exceptional customer service.

How will you use customer service for your eCommerce store? Answering that question may be the key to unlocking your store’s potential.

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