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Today, Shopify video galleries on e-stores are the new black as they can enhance entrepreneurs' engagement and conversion rates, leading to better sales and higher search rankings on Google. And th best thing is, you can install a whole Shopify video gallery app on your website without worrying about lagging speed.

So, take a look at our Top 6 best Shopify video gallery apps to drive more sales to your online store!

1. XO Gallery by Xopify

xo gallery

XO Gallery is the solution many entrepreneurs turn to when they want to make their e-stores stand out with videos displaying. Since this app allows users to express their aesthetic when editing video collection slideshow, it is already making a difference for all kinds of sites, from business oriented to hobby and entertainment blogs.

Key features

  • User-centered: Among all Shopify video gallery apps, video galleries from this Xopify-built app can be beautifully displayed regardless of the device your visitors use. The app is also fully responsive for mobile devices, meanwhile allowing entrepreneurs to embed galleries at any place in your e-shop.
  • No limits: With easy and convenient steps, users can create and organize unlimited galleries of unlimited videos on a single page. This makes it easier and less time-consuming for clients to search for media galleries and view any video they want just by one click.
  • Smooth function: Even with a huge amount of videos in one gallery, XO Gallery can run smoothly with fast loading speed on every screen-size and you will never have to worry about missing out a potential client.
  • Varied in visual build tool: This app offers up to 19 useful effects and beautiful thumbnails and many more settings for you to freely customize your gallery. Smooth transition options can be added upon preference.
  • Free setup support: There is a team of Ecommerce experts who are always ready to support you to configure the XO Gallery for your Shopify store.


XO Gallery allows a 7-day free trial and a free version with 12 images upload maximum. You can experience its great gallery features with the Basic and Pro version, at $5.95/month and $14.95/month respectively.

Price: Freemium
Review: 4.7/5 (rating from shopify app store)

2. Photo Gallery + Lookbook


Developed by, Photo Gallery is a useful and popular app to improve your online store on Shopify.

Key Features

  • Multiple functions: You can make attractive and Pinterest-style product grid galleries, lookbooks, team pages, press galleries, or user testimonial fields easily with Photo Gallery
  • Highly customized: You can decide everything in your online shops: from photo sizes, adjusting spacing among entries, and yet, you can save half of the time on manually cropping or arranging individual images with its wonderful automatic image resizing.
  • Highly supportive: You will have wonderful supports when choosing this app since it can support text in any language and very mobile-responsive on any device.
  • For now, users can only create and customize galleries using videos from Youtube or Vimeo, so it can be quite time-consuming if you have a huge number of product videos.


With a free version, you can only upload 5 photos maximum. Users can enjoy many of its fantastic features with 3 paid versions, starting at $4.49/month or $53.89/year.

Price: Freemium
Review: 4.5/5 (rating from shopify app store)

3. YouTube + Vimeo Video Slider


Now you have an excellent way to announce your sales, promotion, reviews and new product launches with video sliders. This app helps developers create and embed their YouTube or Vimeo feeds on video galleries of their Shopify sites.

Key features

  • Personalized video slider: Users can customize videos with colors, titles, transitions, sizing, or playback controls to match their vibe or likings on unlimited video galleries. These galleries can contain your own uploaded videos, the ones from Youtube or Vimeo.
    • Entertaining backgrounds: Video backgrounds and banners can be added to a Shopify online store easily. Plus, YouTube + Vimeo Video Slider can enhance your Shopify-based store by displaying showcases of products with Vimeo or YouTube sliders to keep customers engaged.
    • Highly supportive: You will have wonderful support when choosing this app since it can support text in any language and very mobile-responsive on any device


    You can only add 3 slides for a free version. So, consider these deals from, starting from $3.99/month for a Starter version to $79.99/month for a Business one.

    Review: 4.6/5 (rating from shopify app store)

    4. Gallery By EA ‑ Image + Video


    This app provides a fantastic opportunity to build a whole Shopify gallery of videos and pictures of your products in such an organized way that can grab the attention of visitors immediately if made right.

    Key features

    • Easy to use: Gallery By EA ‑ Image + Video is easy to install and configure as well as allow you to create and customize as many video galleries as you want by just one click.
    • Better customer experience: The app ensures that all images can be uploaded fast and easily, wasting no time for customers to wait. Moreover, it lets customers navigate between multiple galleries in an organized way to best ensure the customer experience.
    • SEO plus, but for images only: This SEO-friendly feature can only be applied with images since this app allows users to add links, titles, and Alt image tags for SEO friendly images.
    • For now, users can only create and customize video galleries using videos from Youtube or Vimeo, so it can be quite time-consuming if you have a huge number of product videos.


    This app has a free plan available with restricted features. You can buy the basic, premium, or advanced plan to enjoy the best of it with the cost starting from $1.99/month to $9.99/month.

    Review: 4.9/5 (rating from shopify app store)

    5. Yottie ‑ YouTube Video App


    This is one of the most customer-centered and flexible apps to enhance your Shopify video gallery. With the assistance of Yottie, now you can arrange and display cool videos for your online store in no time

    Key features

    • Maximum design options: This can be the most flexible, adjustable, and customizable video gallery app you have ever seen. Yottie has many header layouts, navigation controls, and free mode for smooth scrolling in horizontal or vertical ways, autorotation, and exciting animation effects. You can easily choose among them, or disable any of these if you want with just one click.
    • Increase audience engagement and site’s conversion: The best thing about Yottie is that it can invite your Shopify store visitors to join your channel right from your store. And once you can engage your visitor with interesting video contents, high chances are they may want to go back to your site again and again.

    For now, users can only create and customize video galleries using videos from Youtube or Vimeo, so it can be quite time-consuming if you have a huge number of product videos.


    With no free version, you can experience all wonderful features of this Shopify video gallery app for 7 days as for its trial policy, and get a full version for $5.99/month or $59.88/year.

    Review: 4.9/5 (rating from shopify app store)

    6. Banner Slider by Secomapp


    Supporting a huge number of sliders from Fade Slideshow to Thumbnail Navigator, Banner slider can impress your visitors with lively and eye-catching images displaying on your e-store. And with its new features of adding video to any sliders, this Shopify-sweetheart app is sure to secure a place in our Top 6.

    Key features

    • Various stylish and customized sliders: Banner Slider has the biggest storage of over 40 banner sliders to make your e-store to become more vibrant with interesting slide moves. Users can decide how they want components of the banner slider to run thanks to its simple usage and eager support team!
    • SEO improvement: Alt tags are supported and the loading speed is always optimized, making your site rank higher in Google.


    Basic shops with 0 order/month can enjoy this great app for free, but as soon as they make at least 1 order/month, they will have to pay at least $14.99/month for a Basic version and the cost can be up to $39.99/month.

    Review: 4.4/5 (rating from shopify app store)


    With all kinds of tools and apps that Shopify has to offer, it’s easy for any merchant to build their own online store. VOvid-19 outbreak is, in fact, an emerging opportunities for E-commerce to thrive more and become the trend of the future. So, if you need more assistance to make your e-store more attractive, why don't you try out the easiest and most effective XO gallery for free? With all features and 12 images for a trial plan, you can have it at: .

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