Converting Shopify Themes: 7 Best Themes to help you maximize sales

Converting Shopify Themes
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There is a wide range of themes on Shopify that you can choose. However, converting shopify themes to maximize your sales is not that easy . Therefore, in the list below, Xopify will introduce the top 7 converting Shopify themes to help you process not only an attractive theme but also a practical one to convince your visitors to make a purchase.

Retina: Theme for bold imagery and refined styling


This highly converting Shopify theme won the most coveted Shopify Ecommerce Design Award because of its elegance and beauty. It is also considered a theme for the next-generation eCommerce stores because it has a number of futuristic traits for complexity, performance, and conversions.

Here are some of its key features that can boost sale:

  • The outstanding “quick shop” buttons allow customers to take a look at a product without exiting the current page through a simplified product page. This button significantly increases cart additions.
  • The images in this theme are all high-quality to easily draw the attention of customers. Besides, a zoom feature allows customers to have a closer look at the products, which plays an essential role in their decision-making process.-The theme also offers numerous home page sections such as blog layouts, image gallery so you can choose to meet your specific demand.


210$ and it has 96% positive reviews on the Shopify website.

Shoptimized Themes: Theme for increasing profits


This theme is the initiative of Conversion Rate Optimization expert Bradley Long, since its release date, it quickly becomes a strong candidate for the best converting theme on Shopify.

There are some outstanding features of the theme that you cannot miss:

  • It has an impressive page load speed. The speed of this theme is 38% quicker than any of its competitors on Shopify-It adopts 3 time-tested principles of Customer Persuasion including Authority, Scarcity and Social Proof.
  • Some pop-up notifications such as “3 sold in the last hour” or “John in Philadelphia just bought ..” are effectively used to massively boost your sales and profits.


You can choose 3 packages for this theme: basic, pro, ultimate at 167$, 197$, and 597$ respectively.

Plak Theme: Fastest Shopify Theme


This theme gains a nearly perfect score on GTMetrix and Google Page Insights. Plak theme is built and designed for maximizing conversion and it can easily go with virtually most niches such as Clothes, Jewelry, and Shoes.

Here are some of its key features that can boost sales:

  • It is an SEO-friendly theme which is highly mobile-friendly and fits well with all devices.
  • Fast PageSpeed is one of the strengths of this theme. With a lightning page speed, this theme can absolutely increase sales and maximize your profits
  • This can be used in various languages including English, French, Spanish, and German.


The price of this theme is 295$ for small businesses, 395$ for medium and 595$ for large ones.

Konversion Theme: Theme for beautiful Shopify store


Konversion is available for a wide range of niches such as Fashion, Food and Drinks. This theme aims at tackling 3 issues of eCommerce websites: Slow load speed, ineffective call-to-actions, and bad designs.

Here are some of its key features that can boost sales:

  • This theme is built for a mobile-friendly website to boost sales. Because the number of mobile users has increased significantly in recent years, it can draw a large number of customers from both mobile, tablet, and desktop for your website.
  • This offers various features to maximize sales: Currency switcher, count down timer,...
  • Another noticeable feature of this theme is the easy grids that allow customers to see almost everything about the products from the title, price,.. without scrolling.


The price of the theme is 197$ when you buy 1 license and 394$ for 3 licenses.

Ventures Themes: Theme for a large number of products


Ventures can be an ideal theme for beginners who are desired for an easy and converting theme to use. This Shopify theme is also suitable for outdoor and sporty products.

Some of the key features that are promising:

  • Multi-column menu bar: When customers hover to this bar, not only the classification of products appears but also their images with its product names and prices do.
  • Slide show: Businesses can put various images to highlight their products.
  • Promotional Banner: This feature allows the business to put a banner on the top of the slide to grab the attention of the customers and inform them about the brand new promotion of the months or coupon codes.


This theme is free and also receives 48% positive feedback.

Debutify Themes: Free Shopify Theme


This theme can fit well with virtually all niches regardless of their catalog size. There are two versions: Debut-Light and Debut_Default.

Here are some key features of the theme that you cannot miss:

  • A basic layout: it has a dashboard that enables you to tailor it in real-time to meet your specific needs.
  • Numerous design options: In comparison to other themes, Debutify offers various design options so that you can edit anything such as the navigation menu, the home page,...
  • A large color selection: it offers 29 colors to pick


This theme is free on Shopify with 46% positive feedback.

Fashionopolism Themes: Theme for bold imagery and refined styling


There are some of its key features that you cannot miss:

  • The sticky menu is the most outstanding feature in this theme. It increases user experience by remaining the current menu when customers scroll down.
  • Home Page video: with attractive videos, this feature can massively boost sales
  • Image Zoom Features: it allows customers to zoom in and out and take a closer look at the products
  • Product quick view: customers can see the product without exiting the current page
  • This theme also has 2 menu options: a slide-out bar or horizontal menu for businesses can choose to meet the interest.


The price for this theme is 180$ and it receives 96% positive feedback on Shopify

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