Best Shopify apps to create mega-menu

Shopify apps to create mega menu
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A menu plays an important role in every website. For site owners, it helps to display and organize site content in a neat, clear and professional way. For visitors, it brings the convenience for them to find their wanted information easily and quickly.

Without a menu, a website will be a dumb-sitemap. Shopify Megamenu apps allow you to improve this menu experience more than Shopify offers by default. We are going to list some best Shopify apps for you to create content-rich mega menus to please every visitors. Check out and pick the one with features that fit best with your requirements.

Meteor Mega Menus

Meteor Mega Menus helps to add menus with multiple submenus to your Shopify site. It includes several templates specially designed to organize and showcase products, collections & pages for any kind of website. There are left-to-right and top-to-bottom layouts. With this app, you have the ability to add multi-column drop-down menus to your website. Yet you are still able to display images and other interesting content in the drop-down areas.

Meteor Main Menus also has other useful features for you to create a good impression on your visitors. You can customize text, colors, animations, and other settings. It will help you get the right look and feel for your website menus. You will find super easy to install the app, set up and customize your menu then integrate with your theme. The app is carefully tested with most of major and popular Shopify themes, so it will perfectly match your theme and work out of the box. It is developed with mobile first in mind that simply adapts all screen sizes, so you will never lose any customers just because they are on mobile.


  • Quick and simple installation: Installation process happens automatically when you choose a theme
  • 5 beautifully-designed menu templates: This will save your time. You not not need to spend time to create menu layouts
  • Various design options to modify color of text, background and hover even on mobile. Besides, there are also options for animation, height, alignment, etc


  • You have to first set up your menus in your Shopify navigation, then attach & customize these menus in Meteor. This may be a bit confused and complicated for beginners.
  • Consequently, you could not edit/add/remove menu item in Meteor setting interface. You should back to Shopify navigation page to edit. Make sure that you complete to build your menu before modifying with Meteor
  • 5 premade templates is not really a good feature. They limits your imagination and sometimes could not fully meets all your requirements

Review: 4.5/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Buddha Mega Menu

If you’re looking for a free option to add mega menu to your Shopify website, then Buddha Mega Menu is a good choice that you should consider. Regardless of free version, you are able to add a tree menu with submenus and sub-submenus with to-the-left or to-the-right direction. Free version also offers 58 of the most popular Google Fonts and 7 Web Fonts for you to edit submenus.

If you want more advanced function, you can upgrade to one of its two versions: Mega or Mega Zen. With the premium package, a part from tree menu, you can add tabbed submenu contact submenu, link lists, upload images and collection. The app also allows you to customise your submenus' visual settings with regard to change background colors and add your favourite fonts. It is fully responsive, so it supports all visitors using smartphones and tablets.


  • Super easy to install: just simply click to get the app installed
  • Extremely simple to use with detail instruction videos. 6 videos in total to guide users step-to-step set up and configure the menu
  • Simple and user friendly interface: Clear and organized layout for creating and modifying menu. Every single option (add/delete/move) is legible
  • Basic and necessary options needed for a megamenu are included: multi-level tree/tabbed submenu, list link (with image), contact form, widget
  • Nice customization options including available Google fonts, text color, text size, etc. It even offers different view modes (desktop, tablet and mobile) for users to check the menu's appearance instantly


  • The free version has limited options. You should upgrade to get a really megamenu
  • Design options are only applied for submenu
  • If you add new collections while creating menus you will need to close the app and relaunch it to show the new collections.

Review: 4.8/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Globo mega menu

Globo is a popular mega menu app that makes it easy to upgrade the navigation areas of your Shopify site. Globo has been packed with an impressive set of advanced features to quickly build a mega menu without any technical knowledge required. It will help you control over your menu's look and function with just drag & drop action to change menu item's position. Additionally, you can create multi-columns, multi-rows for submenu. This app is available in both horizontal and vertical version which both include unlimited number of sub-menu levels.

You are free and easy to add flyout menus, link lists, feature products, tabbed menus, contact form and of course drop-down tree menu. By using all those features, adding content-rich drop-down navigation under various formats to your website has never been easier than ever. Not just the functionality, you can also customize its background color, text color, font size, font family, border color and more. Any menu you create with Globo will all work perfectly on small screen smartphone and tablet devices. And the dedicated support from author will surely satisfy you.

Review: 4.8/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Smart Menu

Smart Menu is a new app, yet super amazing, helpful and smart as its name to create awesome megamenu for your online Shopify store quickly and easily. The free app will help you to build a complicated multi-level menu in a matter of second using drag-n-drop principle. You will have to add no code, no difficult configuration. You will be able to show and organize your item's categories in various menu type including mega menu, tabs menu, product menu, and even contact form.

Smart Menu supports displaying your best-selling or new products and advertising banners right on your menu to help increase your sales effectively. All will make your customers quickly find products they are looking for and then, of course, feel happier and satisfied. To make the menu match with your theme design, it also offers options to customize menu background, width, font and color, etc and easily select where to display menu. If you want more advanced features, you can always upgrade to its premium version any time at $6.99 per month

Review: 4.8/5 (rating from shopify app store)
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