Best 12 Shopify apps for fashion brands

Best 12 Shopify apps for fashion brands
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The development of Shopify apps for fashion brands is hectic as there are thousands of merchants within the fashion industry, whether it is clothes, shoes, or accessories. This category is extremely popular yet competitive, requiring app developers to step up their games to provide Shopify merchants with better, bouncier, and cooler features and benefits to engage buyers more.

And that’s why we have our list of 12 best Shopify apps for fashion brands. Our list of apps will definitely help store owners differentiate and provide a better user experience for your customers.

XO Gallery (Lookbook display)


No fashion brands on Shopify should miss this no.1 gallery app: XO Gallery by Xopify. This is an amazing app allowing merchants to embed photo and video galleries into their stores with just a click.

This Shopify app for fashion brands is great because it provides several features, from 37 hover effects, config filters for images,.etc to tailor-make your gallery as you wish. In this way, your shop’s lookbook gallery can be mesmerizing, engaging, and even persuasive thanks to their multifunctional video gallery - where you can display the real materials, the form, etc. of your clothes to encourage your customers to open their purses.

Last but not least, as the rapidly increasing number of mobile users, XO Gallery is a mobile-first responsive app that still shows off the gorgeous pictures of your store in front of customers no matter what types of devices they are using.


A good price shouldn't be cheap but reasonable for the quality. With the price of only 5.95$/month, you will get unlimited images and galleries and if you upgrade to 14.95$/month you will get unlimited albums. You can have a list full of features and free setup support.

Review: 5.0/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Oberlo (Dropshipping)


Oberlo is one of the most popular Shopify apps for fashion brands. It allows merchants, especially those in dropshipping to import any product from AliExpress, set the price, and display it to your visitors.

The best thing is you don’t need to worry about logistics or inventory to your e-store with Oberlo’s dropshipping business model.


If you have under 50 orders/month, the app is free.

Review: 4.2/5 (rating from shopify app store)

XO Scroll to Top (reduce your bounce rate)


A successful and engaging website consists of not only the content it delivers but also good browsing experiences for each and every user. When it comes to a fashion brand on Shopify, users may need to get back to the top to access filtering or choose a new destination as they get to the bottom of a long page.

Therefore, you may lose many potential customers if they find it tedious or boring to scroll up using their finger on the mouse. Thus, all fashion stores, especially those with several products need to install a Scroll to Top button to satisfy any user. This button helps them smoothly and quickly navigate to the top of the page without any hassle and frustrating wait.


With a simple button and a pretty good deal of $0.99/month, you can increase your conversions rate and reduce your page bounce rates after a 3-day trial.

Review: 4.9/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Gift Box (Gifts and rewards program)


Apart from being one of the free gifting apps available on the Shopify App Store, Gift Box allows merchants to create gifts/rewards for customers who meet the shop’s requirements. These requirements can be either minimum spending or purchasing specific products from a specific collection.

Merchants can motivate their customers to spend more with gifts, free shipping, or any other customer free service (i.e. gift packaging).


In terms of pricing, merchants can have it at $29.99/ month for a basic plan after the free 14-day trial.

Review: 4.8/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Smile (reward & loyalty program)

Any Shopify apps for fashion brands can improve their retention with a reward or loyalty program. There are thousands of stores that sell the exact products as you or even better ones at cheaper prices, therefore you must maintain a good relationship and keep your customers loyal to compete with so many other stores.

Smile app allows you to run Loyalty Points Program, Referral Program, VIP Program, or combine each of them.


The best thing is Smile is free for small shops, but those with over 2000 members in their program need to pay $50 per month ($25 per thousand members)

Review: 4.8/5 (rating from shopify app store)

PushFlew (recovery pushes)


One thing that many Shopify-based fashion brands hate to experience is that there will be a lot of people who visit your site, add products to cart and leave without checking out.

This is where PushFlew comes in handy as one of the best Shopify apps for fashion brands. PushFlew will send exit-intent pop-ups and abandoned cart recovery pushes, build email capture forms, create order updates, and many other great features.


Now there are four different pricing plans: a free version, $9/month, $49/month, and a $199/month plan

Review: 4.7/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Social Photos (Instagram social gallery)


If your fashion web is connected to Instagram or Facebook, you should not miss this wonderful Shopify app because it allows you and your potential buyers to see what your clothes look like on different people.

When customers tag themselves on Instagram and Facebook wearing your clothes, Social Photos will automatically create an image gallery. Fashion merchants can highlight the best photos of customers wearing the clothes you’ve sold to drive more sales.


Now there are three different pricing plans: $15/month, $30/month, and a $50/month plan

Review: 4.8/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Shop the Look (cross-selling)


Shop the Look is a perfect app to drive more sales for any fashion store since it has complimentary items customers can buy together. Merchants can offer the whole look, from the main product to additional ones to customers without them browsing themselves.


This brand new app has only a few reviews for now, but it can be worth your money. The price is a bit higher and will cost you $19.99 per month.

Review: 5.0/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Product Reviews (it shows reviews from previous customers)


One important app that you need among thousands of Shopify apps for fashion brands is the one that helps you display reviews from previous customers. Every merchant can tell what the product looks like, but what matters is the true customer testimonial.

This app also supports Google microdata (rich snippets. This means the product ratings will be visible on Google Search, helping you achieve higher CTR for free without any limitations.



Review: 4.0/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Kiwi Sizing Chart (custom sizing tables)


Sizing is a crucial element of any fashion brand e-store. For clothes, most people’s worry is the size, and merchants can reduce this friction by providing customers with the most accurate sizing measures with the help of the Kiwi Sizing Chart app.

Kiwi Sizing Chart helps merchants easily manage sizing charts of all product categories, not just clothing. It also supports unit conversions from centimeters to inches, so international shops can be worry-free.

So far, this app has only positive reviews and it offers a free plan for only 2 sizing charts/store. If you want more, you need to get the premium plan for $5.49 per month.


You can enjoy a free plan, or have the Ultmate one for $12.49/month

Review: 5.0/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Product Filter & Search (advanced search)


Typically, fashion stores offer a lot of product types, brands, variants, and so on. This sometimes makes it tricky for customers to navigate through the store to find what they are looking for.

Product Filter & Search allows merchants to create and customize filters based on collections, brand, size, color, etc. on their store, enabling real-time search and even displaying the product preview. The filters are also optimized for good mobile and desktop browsing experience.


This plugin is, obviously, not cheap with the price starting from $19/month for under 1,000 products.

Review: 4.9/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Back in Stock Product Alerts (restock notifications)


This app can increase your sales as it lets your customers know about their favorite product restocking. Customers only have to leave their email and get an automatic notification when the products they want are back in stock.

Back in Stock is a wonderful Shopify app to grow your fashion brand mailing list with a great analytics dashboard to track how many signs up you have, how many emails sent, and how many products are sold.


One thing to note is that Back in Stock is quite expensive: from $19 per month for only 100 e-mail notifications.

Review: 4.8/5 (rating from shopify app store)

Did we miss your favorite Shopify apps for fashion brands? Let us know in the comment section!

  • XO Gallery

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