Get your first online sale in just 3 days

Get your first online sale
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When starting a new Ecommerce store, earning your first sale is not as easy as it sounds. Consumers nowadays are way more demanding on the buying experience, and they would quit a website in a few seconds if they don’t feel good when browsing.

To make your store stand out from competitors and eventually win your customers, you need to create effective strategies that can drive people to the checkout page. But, as a newcomer to Ecommerce, you can get confused and even frustrated if you don’t see results.

Which is why we will guide how you can get your first online sale in just 3 days in this post. All the methods will significantly increase the chances of earning more sales in the short and long run.

1. Find opportunities from your personal networks

Supposed that you don’t have a lot of budget, a good place to start is your personal connections. These can be the easy wins you are looking for in your first few days.

You don’t have to convince them to buy something they don’t need, just show them that you have quality products and tell them to spread the word to those who may be relevant. Friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, etc. are all potential ambassadors of your business.

This way, you can drive the domino effects of getting more customers from peer referrals. Word of mouth marketing is the no-cost strategy that can work wonders for many stores.

Tip: Try creating a personalized email campaign for each individual that you know. They will appreciate your effort more and try to consider your products.

2. Offer discount in your subscription form

Email marketing is always a low-cost strategy to get the first sale. Start by grabbing the attention of visitors as soon as they arrive at your website. You ought to be able to gather leads from every visitor because they all have some kind of interest.

In exchange for their email address, you may provide your visitors with a discount voucher that they can use on their first purchase. In doing so, you increase your chances of generating your first sale in addition to collecting more email subscribers.

Tip: If your target customer is local, you can even offer a discount for their phone number. This will help generate even more relevant leads.

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3. Run a giveaway contest

A promotion to give away products is a great approach to get people talking about your online store. Giveaways not only aid in spreading the word about your company and products but also aid in boosting sales.

It's crucial to be kind when your online store is first launched. Giving away your products is a good idea because it will allow potential buyers to try them and learn more about their advantages.

Tip: It's not necessary to give away your most expensive goods. Start with a low-cost, simple-to-produce item, or make little product samples like sachets or tubes.

4. Add an exit intent offer to your website

Getting traffic is a challenging task when you're new. Every traffic figure is due to this. Your visitors ought to be profitable, and you ought to be able to keep them from leaving. By ensuring that an exit-intent technology is in place, you can still save your disengaging visitors.

It works by spotting when customers are about to depart your website without buying anything. When a visitor is identified, an enticing exit-intent offer will be made to convince him to finish the transaction before leaving.

Tip: Make sure your exit-intent popup’s copywriting is inviting, use words like “wait” and “don’t go yet” can make your visitors think twice before leaving.

5. Throw in a 3-day flash sale on your opening day

A sort of discount promotion offered for a very short period of time is a flash sale. Compared to regular sales, flash sales provide much larger savings. Usually, you can restrict the items that are offered during your flash sales.

Due to the limited-time nature of this offer and the in-demand nature of reduced items, it will instantly generate excitement among your first visitors. This motivates your customers to make an immediate purchase because they are aware that the flash sale could end at any time.

Announce a special flash sale for the first three days of your store debut to add excitement. They'll be encouraged to stop by your shop throughout the course of the following three days since they'll have something exciting to look forward to.

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From your first sale, don’t stop. Pick up your momentum and explore more strategies to get more sales to grow a sustainable Shopify store. Good luck!

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