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10+ ways to use image galleries for your Shopify store?

use image gallery for Shopify store
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Digital marketing and online web design are built on the foundation of images. They establish more immediate connections with your website visitors than text does by provoking emotion in an instance. Before the customers look at the prices, they look at the images to continue the journey.

However, you can't simply compile a number of photographs into a gallery. You must arrange them so that your audience is drawn in and led by them. But with all shapes and sizes of an image gallery, how can we apply it effectively to the online store.

With XO Gallery, you can optimize your image gallery to enhance the customer experience, optimize the images, beautify your website, and, ultimately, increase sales through visuals. Let’s see how you can apply the app for your Shopify store.

1. Visually present your products

A product layout is like your digital storefront. You should develop a layout strategy that prioritizes improving user experience if you want to make the most of the advantages of the image gallery.

The image gallery establishes the legitimacy of your company and demonstrates your commitment to producing high-caliber work. To convince them that your business can provide exactly what they need, the majority of potential customers prefer to see visual examples of your work.

Within a couple of clicks, you can enable the image gallery to showcase your product with XO Gallery like the image above.

2. Promote your brand

Making your brand more recognizable can be greatly helped by including a photo gallery on your website. A visually appealing photo gallery with your brand's logo or watermark is more likely to make an impact than a block of words intended to make the same point. Your brand might benefit greatly from being associated with appealing visuals and photos.

So add some logos into your images when you can, and see if the overall look of the gallery is still good. Also, that can prevent image theft if you have watermarks on your photo.

3. Boost your SEO with image search

Anyone can use specific tools provided by popular search engines like Google and Bing to find easily accessible photographs on the internet. Users who enter specific keywords get related photographs linked to particular web pages.

What is the reason for this? Although search bots can only scan text, they can also associate embedded images with keywords and information when they crawl any website. Users are more likely to locate your website in Google and Bing search results if it has more photos and photo galleries.

So, when you add alt-text to your images, you are increasing your website’s chance of appearing on image search, which leads to more traffic and potential buyers.

4. Make a great mobile experience

Make sure your online merchandising is mobile-friendly as more and more consumers shop online using their phones or tablets. All of your website content, especially the gallery sections, must fit and appear perfectly on any sort of screen.

Make sure it follows the same standards that visitors will see on the web because mobile responsiveness affects the image quality and, ultimately, the customer experience. Luckily, XO Gallery already is perfectly responsive on all devices, you just need to install and start using.

5. Link your product page to increase sales

What is the best way to monetize your image gallery? Let people buy with it. It’s just that simple. With XO Gallery, you can turn on the Hotspot feature and allow visitors to quickly view products through the gallery.

When users hover over the dot, they can see a product information, then they can decide to visit the product page and continue buying from there. It’s a great way to make your images more, well, profitable.

6. Add videos to increase views

I know we are talking about image galleries, but hey, videos work great to convey your points as well. If you have videos to show your customers, pick images that can represent the video content, then insert links to these videos.

Who says your Youtube can’t have some more views?

7. Help buyers filter products

Another great way to enhance the customer experience is by allowing them to filter your products so they can find what they want to buy faster. XO Gallery helps you easily set groups for your images, then buyers can filter them through tags like in the image above.

8. Show before - after images.

A wild idea for those who sell services. You can set the before-after image to show how your company helps customers. When a visitor hovers over an image, they can see the after image.

For example, you sell weight loss products and want to show how customers have transformed thanks to your business.

9. Display social proof

Online shoppers want to know what they will receive before making any other selections, whether it be a product, a service, or an experience. They often believe recommendations made by friends or other online users - which is called social proof.

By using your image gallery to show happy customers with great images, you can motivate buyers to check out your products and see what made them so happy.

One of the most important marketing techniques for promoting goods, winning over customers, and increasing sales is the usage of user-generated content.

10. Add advertisements

Ads can look fantastic on your website's photo gallery while also serving as a new source of income. To avoid various ad-blocking browser extensions from lowering your income, you need to fully regulate your adverts these days. As a result, businesses of all kinds can benefit greatly from combining display ads with image content.

You'll be astonished by how easily you can construct an ad-supported photo gallery if you still believe that placing ads is a highly technical and challenging operation.

11. Tell your story

Last but not least, let your image gallery tell who your brand is. By showing what you are proud of the most through pictures, customers can quickly connect with your company, and that is the key to a long lasting customer-brand relationship.

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