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Top 5 of the best FAQs apps for your Shopify products

Table of content
  1. Product Questions And Answers
  2. Tabimiaze
  3. Product FAQs
  4. SlimFAQ
  5. Ask Question

If you don't know what your visitors are thinking and wanting to ask, you're losing sales. Do not let this happen just by simply adding FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section for your customers to understand more about your products.

FAQs Shopify apps give your store's customers and visitors the ability to ask questions and view more information about your items via your website’s product pages. These following Shopify apps will make it easy for administrators to add FAQs section or even for shoppers to submit questions about your products. All of them have fully responsive layout and come with simple setting interface that let admin easily and quickly create and manage FAQs.

Product Questions And Answers

Product Questions And Answers is a simple and easy way for any shop owner to answer questions from customers quickly, hence create customer's satisfaction and partially boost your store sales. This app allows customers to ask questions directly on product page if they want to know more than the public information.

They also can view other answered questions sorted by date or vote. Regarding admin, he can decide who can post a question on product page, only logged-in customers or all visitors. Because Mailchimp is integrated, then admin can answer those questions either on the product page or via email. The app is fully responsive and display correctly on all screen sizes, so it won't affect your store's layout

Review: 4.8/5 (rating from shopify app store)


Tabimiaze is a premimum Shopify app that makes it easy to add and organize FAQs by product collections. It can help your customers quickly find the information that they need about this product and resolve the concern they may still have. Admin can easily add FAQs in a simple back-end setting interface with just a few clicks.

Besides, the app also supports to add Descriptions, Sizing chart, Review, etc. Then, admin can apply difference tabs/accordions to different collections in bunk to save time. Tabimiaze will bring your customers amazing user experience therefore increasing your sales yet still maintain SEO.

Product FAQs

Product FAQs is a great app allowing your customers to make unlimited questions about specific products. With just simple steps: enter name, email and question and click Submit button then you just have to wait answers from shop owner then. Shop owner will receive an email notifying new questions from customers then customers also be notified when their questions are answered already via email.

Customers can check other threads as well as vote for helpful questions if they find that's good and useful information. This apps enable customers to post questions on any device from large desktop to smartphone.


SlimFAQ enable you to create questions and answers section for your product page quickly with an ease. The highlight is that you can even include image and video to answer for a better guidance and illustration for better customer's experience. Customers will also satisfy with advanced search function that helps to find out the answers in seconds.

The app supports many popular languages so you will never lose your customers for sure. With 3 different packages, you can select your most suitable one with more or less features. The premium version offers the ability to add custom logos and CSS to style FAQs as you want.

Ask Question

Ask Question is an one-time fee Shopify app that let your customers ask anything about the product right on the product page. Whenever users ask a question, they are required to provide email, so admin will receive an email notification. Then, users also be notified via email once their questions are addressed.

Admin has ability to edit, publish, unpublish or delete customer's questions and answers easily in the setting area, even customize design, text or code. At front-end, all questions and answers will be displayed in a accordion layout which is completely responsive on all devices.

Review: 3.9/5 (rating from shopify app store)